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Master Data Management is pretty crucial to modern day business and hence every such entity intends to rope in the most prominent consultants who have won numerous plaudits for such resourceful services

Master Data Management Customer 360

BigData Dimension is the eventual destination for availing premium Master Data Management 360 services, howsoever complex and challenging the task may appear to be, our widely experienced data scientists implement tested and trusted techniques in reaching out to the desired solution for sake of automation and customization. When enterprises align us, they get catered to with professional benignity aimed at business objectives which sooth them profoundly. It is mainly because they are complemented by one of the most renowned Big Data Group on US turf and our professionals make precise use of cutting-edge resources to their custom needs.

We embody premium master data management consulting skills with strategic insights and tactically assist businesses in ensuring swift MDM deployment, in tandem with their key business objectives. BigData Dimension has engineered rich expertise in Master Data tools like Informatica MDM, IBM MDM, Reltio MDM, Talend MDM etc have rich experience in dealing with issues related to Customer, Product, Location, Vendor and the filed of Accounts. As a matter of relishing fact, some of our crew members partook in the development of maiden multi-domain MDM server which largely catered to the Product and Accounts domains.


You’ve already invested in MDM. Maybe you already have a MDM Solution. To get the full value, you need to filter and pre-preprocess your real-time data before it lands on disk to get the customer insight

Our BEAM MDM Hub Customer 360 solution removes barriers to mainstream MDM hurdles & deliver scalable customer insight architecture for collecting, ingesting, blending, transforming, publishing and distributing data in a centralized repository to publish the golden record. Our solution help consolidate data from location, assets, part, product, organization, person data and create the golden rule to get the quality record.

MDM 360 Multidomain Fact Check. MDM 360 Multidomain Hub
helps consolidate social media data

Millions Emails per min
Million Facebook likes Per Min
Tweets Per Min
Search Queries Per Sec
Photos uploads per min
Video hours per minute

Let Us Help You – With Your Energy Analytics Needs

Our MDM 360 Solution

We extend premium assessment services in order to define, design and deploy the following target functionalities:

MDM Assessment

This is done in order to evaluate the opportune time by when an enterprise can engineer and deploy an exclusive MDM program. Besides, it is also being examined if the organization is equipped with the necessary skills and hardware which would pave way for successful implementation for premier Master Data Management.

  • Vendor Specification: This method is being implemented in order to determine the most appropriate MDM product in order to meet target goals
  • Health Evaluation: This step assesses the versatility of existing MDM program in order to ascertain the completeness of the product and to select and uproot any bug or likely error from there.

MDM Roadmap

Successful implementation of MDM technology is a long-term process which needs to be steady and which is trajectory of numerous upstream and downstream systems and sub-systems which together constitute the most powerful MDM ecosystem. Our stalwarts are ever devoted to put meaningful efforts with you and to detect and meet any critical bottlenecks which may appear thereby.  For instance, the following types of issues are the most occurring ones, when MDM program is being implemented:

  • Should my enterprise opt for a Big Bang type initiative or a controlled implementation in phased manner?
  • How to plan and execute such types of long-term programs?
  • On what criteria can the success of each of the implementation stage be gauged?
  • How to attract the focus and support from stakeholders’ side?
  • How to gather constant sponsorship or funds supply to push such long term impact programs forward?

MDM Solution Architecture

A framework is the ultimate point of state where initially thought of strategy takes the shape of reality and the Big Data stalwarts remain accessible and well focussed to administer the following accomplishments pertaining to MDM design:

  • Implanting the superior technology platform
  • To invoke the precise use of selected products
  • Design the MDM platform with futuristic outlook and flexibility
  • To ensure strategic alignment with selective and trusted MDM approaches
  • To pursue the long-term mission cum vision of Master Data Management virtues while still keeping tabs upon short-term business needs alongside IT requirements

Design And Developement Phase

During this stage, our illustrious team adheres to a sequential design, i.e. iterative model where end businesses are provided with a chance to get deeply involved by adapting to newer business systems while still keeping their end objectives within sight. We render the following type of unparalleled legacy of premium design and development phase:

  • Well defined, tested and trusted development technique cum methodology
  • Visible and quantified outcome is being delivered to clients swiftly and regularly
  • Our MDM consultants perpetually work in tandem with enterprises alongside their workforce
  • Checks, tests, timely analysis and counter-program is being provided to deal with any untoward event or bottleneck which may hamper this phase
  • BigData Dimension’s top management directly involves with the receptive businesses to provide solutions and monitor the progress of MDM implementation

Solution Insights And Timely Upgrade

On the back of the robust business association with leading product vendors which is strengthened by regular upgrades as an outcome of our MDM devotion, BigData Dimension maintains profound insight into their product strategy and design. Our rich belief in product analysis and hardware circuits enables us to pile up expertise in possible releases of future and to stay ahead in the competition. We call upon businesses and enterprises to count upon us, to gather enlightenment for the following aspects:

  • The real time benefits of accomplishing a selective upgrade in closer proximity to nature of business and enterprise activities
  • Carrying out upgrades in phased and control manner, while also pondering over the possibility of releasing regular or sparse upgrades
  • To asses the level and nature of impact which an upgrade would case upon the on-going business activities
  • Evaluating the associated risks which any and every  upgrade would yield and devising plans to undo such impacts while keeping the business process consistent

Production Support

After the development of a solution, it is tested and is finally delivered to enterprises where its performance is being monitored and is gauged and plan Bs, Cs and Ds are being formulated beforehand to meet with any discrepancy which may arise thereby. Hence, at BigData Dimension, our customer service and support crew constitute the polished minds of the industry and remain accessible 24X7X365 and can support for any o the following objectives:

  • They design systems to be installed live with mock drills
  • They can accomplish system preparation, for verifying required configuration and for examining delta and initial loads
  • Evaluate the developed systems for any unexpected system behaviour or discrepancy
  • Revise and reinstall production systems after the systems malfunction
  • Securing lost data and to repair and examine erroneous codes
  • Detect and resolve performance standards and to re-verify them

Delivery Methodology:

In the MDM domain, BigData Dimension has registered some amazing milestones during the past years and our insightful designers have come up with some astute tools which we incorporate during our service accomplishments:

We have amassed a huge acclaim and expertise in such MDM methodology which is a reflection of our years of devotion towards working with discerning businesses with varying degree of data management requirements. While handing over the product to businesses, such is a multi-phased scenario which is done on the basis of Rational Unified Process (RUP), while Agile development methodologies are being exploited. San doubt, we assert accountability in its fullest form and also devote friendly and skilled customer service teams to aid businesses while MDM solution is being delivered, just in case. Finally, tested, trusted and standardized methods are being implemented during such MDM accomplishments.

Premium MDM solution is replete with the following enticing benefits:

  • Highly value-added service is guaranteed during early stages,
  • Absolutely flexible in design with ability to adapt to changing environments,
  • Sound coordination is ensured between enterprise workforce and corresponding Big Data departments,
  • All of the implemented or ready to implement methodologies are tested, trusted and are of standard design,
  • Every effort is aimed at client satisfaction and in constructing business automation,

Spearheading Premium Business Solution:

With our paramount MDM skills and acclaimed expertise , which is built over the past years of implementing custom MDM solution, a plethora of minute coding clusters are designed, which act like solution accelerators and are used to expedite services delivery. Such solution accelerators comprise of the following:

  • Ready to use templates for each of the project phase,
  • Tools for testing automation,
  • Data preparation module for accomplishing quick test,
  • Tools to review every program of our MDM solution,
  • Codebase for ensuring premium quality and control.

Our Approach


We can absorb an idea and create an strategic roadmap for scalable solutions. This steps includes


An idea can never come to fruition without research. Be it sifting through the customer requirement and understand the current landscape


We think sift through various ideas to create the next generation high performance data lake that work best. It helps to materialize the thought process and help in building all-muscled powered solution.


We prototype the idea to bring to life the thoughts, and research


We identify and optimize the underlying points where enriching solution initiatives can be implemented

Advisory Services

We collect all the relevant information needed to build scalable solution and share our thoughts with the customer to give life to our idea

Tool Evaluation

We perform the tool evaluation based on the customer requirement and suggest the best solution that suites their need


We convert abstract ideas into meaningful design by prepping, Ingesting and building metadata repository. This section includes

Data Prepping

Prep the raw data and build the necessary schemas on our data lake.

Data Ingestion

Ingest the raw data into structured format and streamline the load process.

Metadata Repository

Build metadata repository to maintain the schema, data profiling and data cleaning process.

Data Traceability

Build data lineage and batch processing to track data lineage

Change Data Capture (CDC)

Build CDC mechanism to fetch the delta load


We transform structured and unstructured data sets to build scalable solution. This section includes

Prepare Data

Build standardized structure of common and custom data sets

Data Profile

Perform data profile process to check anonymity on data

Data Quality

Perform data cleaning rules to make golden copy of the record.

Data Governance

Perform integrity and security process on data.

Data Masking

Apply data masking and encryption on sensitive data


Perform data analysis to transform the data into information.


We build custom solutions on Bigdata, MDM, Talend, Cloud, Data Warehouse, BI and application development. This section includes

Publish Data

Provide access to data semantic layer to analyze what has occurred.

Data Consumption

User can test the data from the semantic layer.

Data Visualization

User can visualize the data from the semantic layer.


We ensure proper training, support and administration service is provided. This section includes

Training Solution

Provide customer training

Support Solution

Provide Change and growth management solution


Provide administration and configuration solution

Our Services

Configuration & Installation Services

We provide Configuration & Installation services of MDM, Bigdata, ETL, Cloud and BI technologies

Architecture & Development Services

We provide Architecture and Development Services of MDM, Bigdata, ETL, Cloud and BI technologies

Upgrade Services

We provide speciality services to upgrade your existing MDM, Bigdata, ETL, Cloud and BI technologies

Support Services

We provide managed and production support services

Training Services

We provide training services to our customer to bring them upto the speed on the delivered work.

Our Deliverables

This type of engagement typically produces:

  • Confirmation of business requirements
  • MDM Lake Advisory Solution
  • Tool Evaluation Solution
  • MDM solution design and implementation
  • Comprehensive MDM Lake system documentation
  • Configuration and Administration Solution
  • Support personnel and user training
  • Change and growth management support
  • Training Solution

Our Process

We follow agile methodology and our project run in Sprints: iterative cycles of requirements gathering, analysis, design and development – that are focused on a given subject area. We utilize JiRA and other ticketing tools to manage project releases in an agile way.
We follow lean principles of Scrum to develop project iteratively and present the solution with the use quickly. This helps in getting feedback sooner and any issues reported by the user will be fix quickly.

Our Implementation Team

To plan, build, implement and support MDM solution, BDD uses an expert team of MDM experts with specialty expertise on MDM project implementation. We further provide our own proven development methodology, and will function closely with your implementation need. Project teams typically include the following roles and responsibilities:

  • Project Manager
  • Business Analyst
  • MDM/Java Architect
  • Data Architect
  • Java/MDM Developer
  • MDM Developer
  • ETL Developers
  • MDM Testers
  • DBA

Managed & Advisory


Bigdata lake Beam 360 Starter


MDM Beam 360 Starter