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Enabling Enterprises To Be Data Lake Driven With Azure PDW

What is MS SQL Azure? The SQL Azure is Microsoft’s new SQL Server database technology built for the cloud platform. This enables organisations to store relational data on the cloud. MS SQL Azure allows companies to scale the size of their databases as per their business needs, by hosting, managing and provisioning the data at Microsoft’s data centres. We can now build our applications on premises and move them to the cloud or directly build them in Azure and save the data on the cloud. SQL Azure also supports T-SQL query language and offers realtime synchronization of data between the on-premises SQL Server and the database on the cloud.This white paper talks in detail about the advantages of moving on premise databases on to MS SQL Azure.Why do I need to migrate my data to MS SQL Azure? Microsoft SQL Azure offers SQL Server capabilities to the cloud. It acts as an extension to your on premise SQL Server data base that automatically scales to suit the growing needs of the organisation. 

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