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Global Delivery Model

While reckoning any off-shore player for outsourcing any limited tasks or projects, it should invariably be argued that the recipient enterprise must showcase absolute infrastructural resolve and endearing intent for sterling processes and should also be a sort of acclaimed technocrat adhering to versatile technology for the purpose of supporting its processes. In modern era, scholars differentiate a lot among the outsourcing projects and regard engineering outsourcing to be different form altogether than the IT outsourcing. It is mainly because of the fact that there exist certain requirements and individual features that are so intrinsic that proper description and communication becomes necessary for the success of whole project, else end project is bound to be error borne or bug prone, thereby disturbing the whole process.

At BigData Dimension, we have culminated a unique delivery model, with underlying support from new age tools and technology, which is all about quality on the back of our professional ethical commitment. Besides, our project engineers remain ever devoted to committed timeframe while also overlooking the economical aspect of the game. Further, we extend utmost transparency and provide complete documentation of each of the code, for whole of the integrated system project thereby delivered. Then, our in-formed marketing team remain ever ready to assist you and to answer you calls and to include newer aspects to be enshrined in any of the ongoing system, under development, so there should remain No Doubt / No Fear about any looming risk about outsourcing initiative.

At BigData Dimension, the worldly-wise management has designed scores of delivery models and sans doubt, our delivery models are all aimed at various end objectives, such as enhancing operations, restructuring corporate levels and control, to reduce costs and to unlock for the hidden quality from the project core. As such, our projects would certainly deliver integrity and efficiency in control and management and would mitigate any risks involved while ensuring financial returns as well. Our teams comprise of widely experienced data scientists, talented engineers with a passion for innovation and who are ever devoted to catering project development with minimised costs and within the stipulated timeframes.

Onsite Delivery Model With Underlying Explicitness

Acclaimed skills of explicit project engineering are the widely sought after virtue and at BigData Dimension, we always deploy the most outstanding cream of refined minds who are smeared with decades of past experience of shaping technology for various industries. Every project is different and calls for specific process flow and our project scientists passionately accept it like challenge while foreseeing a vast innovation out there. Form initial process flow and entity consultation to maintenance, we always extend integrated support and our representatives are all dedicated to ensure utmost satisfaction and are open to listen to your needs and concerns, only to resolve them with digital aplomb.

Accomplished Hybrid Delivery Model

Such model comprises onsite as well as offshore service expertise and is best suited for SMBs and for larger organizations and at our place, such type of support and skills stand only for superb efficiency with slashed costs. Our onsite team consults with businesses looking for such a model and formulate the most effective project documentation type and bring all type of deftness at you service. From project managers to developers and acclaimed IT consultants, all brains remain devoted to shape your technology platform which would be pivotal to your business competence. Finally, there is no limit on the element of scalability which may become the need while project process development and implementation is underway.

ODC Partnership Model With Striking Excellence

Such invigorative model is goaded to establishing long-term cordial services with businesses, who look for involvement for longer duration. Such a model comprise of different type of service as rendered by accomplished engineers who have a huge domain expertise from different industries. Further in the bucket, there is also ensured constant support within the ongoing project where sterling components and innovative tools are being employed to cater to specific industry needs and uses, while hold critical importance from business competence point of view.

Dedicated Resources With Resounding Integrity

High end resources are always in greater demand while project is being developed and such a demand for sterling resources accomplishing high quality utility is always predictable, when our digital stalwarts take the central stage. To cater to such type of demand, specific dedicated development facility (DDF) which is a concept based upon such a demand and it looks into the fact that how far such type of demand can go, while the project is under development. A DDF is replete with benefits which an experienced and capable team put forth, while putting their core digital efforts during the project accomplishment. At Big Data Dimension, we have a devoted crew which is ever committed to clients’ dream project. Our team unleashes intellectual worth which is etched into the every section of your project. We shall always prevail when our need would arise and many of our engineers have digital patents registered in their name and which they readily offer to our businesses seeking our consultancy.

Astuteness Through Off-Shore Model

This model is expansive for it includes all of the modules, right from designing to development and testing which is bring directed right from our offshore centre. Businesses find offshore model to be pretty virtuous as it unleashes a wide array of sterling services such as the availability of skilled personnel at your service at all times, highly professional service, reduced costs, newer range of technology and platforms to exploit from and so forth. Before setting out to work, our offshore section team clearly defines and distinguishes the objectives and goals of the project and then proficient project management is being handled by the most versatile and experienced with years of glorious experience with them in such project development for various industries.

Premium Offshore Development Centre

With such a model in place, enterprises can easily ensure long term occupational advantages by their side, since a renowned team of experts look after the unique needs of the project. Besides, newer members can be accommodated into the team as the need calls for. However, the model works alongside the enterprise’s own team and share the software documentation and valuable project beans thereby providing fuller transparency and control over the project. The team puts efforts in adherence to business goals, product or service development and also ensures versatility in processes and timely communication. As such, such a model is termed to be absolutely true and upto the mark for companies providing product development as it enables them to ensure that those working under their ODC perpetually upgrades itself with newest in market research and techno innovation and it is well in place to address the critical business issues and saves business’s precious time. Hybrid Delivery Model has emerged as the most regarded model used in projects for crafting greater value and for sheer performance, the outsourcing model is strategically divided between customer onsite centre and development centre which is the offshore centre and enterprises can easily relish the benefits of both types of outsourcing models in full working. BigData Dimension has unparalleled dexterity in employing such classy Hybrid Delivery Model in its real form and our engineers will go extra mile in meeting the absolute demands for quality and performance and shall prevail to be found amazing by the end businesses.

Following the general tasks that An Onsite Centre Accomplishes

  • Seeking initial information from client about the nature, scope and objective of the project,
  • Getting to know and discuss the requirements with precise clarity,
  • Planning, designing, architecture consideration to finalized development,
  • Interacting with the end users and to try to understand their concerns and working scenarios and to draft a system accordingly,
  • Testing the project by involving business management and the end users and to perform the trial executions in their presence and to discuss the performance afterwards and to focus upon the needed recommendation, if any,
  • To provide relentless support from back-end and to ask for upgrades in light of newer innovations done at our labs,

At offshore centre, following is the list of tasks which are performed by
BigData Dimension’s illustrious team, however, there is some similarity

  • Getting to know the initial needs and end objectives of the project in consideration,
  • Explicit design is being crafted which is rightly reflected by the specifications of initial project detailing, done earlier under step 1,
  • Providing seamless support both online as well as during engineer visit and then, during our development of innovative products and tools which are duly programmed in our widely experienced labs

There are scenarios which call for onsite product development but then exceptions drive the businesses to opt for off-shore product consultation as well, and vice versa. If onsite project development is opted for, then businesses are relieved from paying higher salaries to workforce but then , can avail all of the advantages by the virtue of BigData Dimensions’ sheer technological deftness pinned by technical maturity. Whichever may the model be, which businesses choose for, the experience and dexterity of BigData Dimension will always prevail for the best of the reasons. Enterprises can draw forth, the following types of advantage while counting upon our performance, in regard to both types of development models, i.e. Onsite and Off-shore development.

Advantage of Onsite/Offshore Delivery Model

  • Direct interaction with business management and also with the end-users,
  • Upto 12 hours of dedicated service, while being responsive to clients’ requests, queries and concerns,
  • Availability of prolific team of skilled minds and exceptional resources which would conjure the project within the stipulated timeframe,
  • By opting to outsource your project to a different company located in a different company, businesses can draw greater advantages of time zones,
  • Finally, enterprises can save thousands of dollars while opting for offshore / onsite project development through BigData Dimension and we guarantee higher cost cutting possible at nominal remuneration, but at no compromise at quality and integrity.

The management and administration costs involved in maintaining both the centers may inhibit many service providers from going for the onsite/offshore model. Also cultural differences between the onsite team and offsite team need to be managed effectively to get better results. Gydder practices a very efficient Delivery Model. This is very cost effective and effectively manageable.