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Scores of sources are there to collect distinct range of data, such as secondary data, a flurry of premium research outcome, deluge of reports from syndicates, social media residue and feedback, and a timely and crucial advises from industry pundits and product analysts among several others and such diversified data is then put to explicit manipulation in order to carve out the best of the insightful cum actionable data

At BigData Dimension, wide ranging businesses approach Is to design and program a versatile data port leading to a wholesome warehouse or big Data system, through the versatility of which, precise market insight could be secured after managing and skilful churning of such data. Hence, on the systems as designed by us and which when admits data, it goes through a dozen validations and is put to rigid inference, on the back of scores of sources in order to size up the targeted market and to judge the extent of its  vastness and the ongoing competition thereby.


You may have already invested in Consumer and Marketing Analytics. Maybe you already have a Consumer & Marketing Analytics Solution. To get the full value, you need to get real-time data insight before it lands on disk to to provide actionable analytics for consumer behaviour analysis and determining marketing trends .

Our BEAM 360 Consumer & Marketing Analytics solution removes barriers to mainstream hurdles & deliver scalable customer insight architecture for collecting, ingesting, blending, transforming, publishing and distributing data in a centralized repository to publish the golden record and build data lake solution. Our solution help consolidate data from various sources to give meaningful insight and processing power to massage heavy set of data repository.

Consumer & Marketing Analytics Fact Check. See how data trends are helping industries to get better insight about their customers.

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Our Consumer & Marketing Analytics Solution

See how our solution is helping establishing consumer insight with customer engagement model

BigData Dimension has shown greater spine and a forward-thinking approach in the fields of statistics and mathematics and then our tech pundits improvise simulation, modelling powered by the stint of optimization in order to render the most resourceful analytical grounds in order harness core business values and for related marketing strategies. Our vast and inter-industry experience and consolidated deftness enabled us to assimilate the commonly applied features in customer and marketing analytics from other areas. For instance, customer loyalty, per customer benefit, customer retention rate, monthly upsell and yearly cross selling.

In wake of above mentioned strategies, and when the ground basis is being constituted, further factors, which are termed as advanced analytics and which is extremely vital to implement profitable marketing strategy and its in-depth analysis

Some of the most common and competitive consumer & marketing analytics,
as applied by businesses on a wider scale, are as follows

Delectable Sizing of Markets And Evolving Future Outcome

Every business infers some market and efforts are made to capture its insights and to initiate measures to strengthen it and to garner more and more revenues and eventual profits. Hence, while perceiving the market size and to take account of its active customers, such info is crucial to implement competitive market decisions. Addressing such critical business aspects prove to be pretty handy while pondering over existing product range and while considering newer product launch or newer service concepts thereby

Analysis of Golden Business Opportunities Thriving in The Market

Business need to find out the existing opportunities before themselves, which they can utilize in order to enhance their market size and to capture larger market share. Likewise, it should also be figured out which of the market segments should be focussed upon and then the key business drivers of such a great money- centric game. Finally, drawing out sound information about prominent competitors, their activities and then working on plans to counter their business activity is also pretty critical to steady business growth. Not to be skipped, but gaining insights about the market potential is also necessary for high rise market shares, in wake of business activities

Astounding Efforts To Determine Emerging Trends And To Assimilate Useful Market News

Getting an outline about the emerging trends which keep market abuzz is key to gain competitive edge for a forward looking and tech driven business. Besides, one also needs to be informed about the latest taking place in particular market or in case specific trends and popular customs and opinions in regard to specific products.

Gaining Assessment About Products And Their Ranging Features

Needless to say but the potential customers present in the markets also come up with a wide range of needs which vary from one country to another while geographical locations also matter in such a case. Hence, it is certainly useful to gain insight about what exactly customers look for, what their needs are, what they look for and how their newer breed of needs can be resolved and so forth, and for gaining a wider upper hand, it is handy for businesses to spare sometime in the field of precise research and analysis and to come up with newer ideas and newer breed of products to target their freshly updated needs and to manoeuvre such market for garnering rising revenues in the short time.

Expert Value Chain Analysis

Identifying the most optimized chain between the manufacturing unit to retail outlet is the stepping stone to securing more and more business out from a specific industry. It should be acknowledged as to which of the particular business intermediary a business should opt for and how such a linking medium should be emphasised with utmost efficiency and optimism.

Price Factor

Aligning with optimized prices for your products or services is also one of the most pivotal way for a business, as this step guides how a business can ensure remaining into the business marketplace and for a prolonged lifetime. Certainly, if a business prices more for specific product or a product range while its competitors charge less, then first one is more likely to slip into the red. Hence, in order to garner precise cost price with considerable profit margin, BigData Dimension price analysts would indeed spell mega business successes for those counting upon our judging ability.

Our Approach


We can absorb an idea and create an strategic roadmap for scalable solutions. This steps includes


An idea can never come to fruition without research. Be it sifting through the customer requirement and understand the current landscape


We think sift through various ideas to create the next generation high performance data lake that work best. It helps to materialize the thought process and help in building all-muscled powered solution.


We prototype the idea to bring to life the thoughts, and research


We identify and optimize the underlying points where enriching solution initiatives can be implemented

Advisory Services

We collect all the relevant information needed to build scalable solution and share our thoughts with the customer to give life to our idea

Tool Evaluation

We perform the tool evaluation based on the customer requirement and suggest the best solution that suites their need


We convert abstract ideas into meaningful design by prepping, Ingesting and building metadata repository. This section includes

Data Prepping

Prep the raw data and build the necessary schemas on our data lake.

Data Ingestion

Ingest the raw data into structured format and streamline the load process.

Metadata Repository

Build metadata repository to maintain the schema, data profiling and data cleaning process.

Data Traceability

Build data lineage and batch processing to track data lineage

Change Data Capture (CDC)

Build CDC mechanism to fetch the delta load


We transform structured and unstructured data sets to build scalable solution. This section includes

Prepare Data

Build standardized structure of common and custom data sets

Data Profile

Perform data profile process to check anonymity on data

Data Quality

Perform data cleaning rules to make golden copy of the record.

Data Governance

Perform integrity and security process on data.

Data Masking

Apply data masking and encryption on sensitive data


Perform data analysis to transform the data into information.


We build custom solutions on Bigdata, MDM, Talend, Cloud, Data Warehouse, BI and application development. This section includes

Publish Data

Provide access to data semantic layer to analyze what has occurred.

Data Consumption

User can test the data from the semantic layer.

Data Visualization

User can visualize the data from the semantic layer.


We ensure proper training, support and administration service is provided. This section includes

Training Solution

Provide customer training

Support Solution

Provide Change and growth management solution


Provide administration and configuration solution

Our Services

Configuration & Installation Services

We provide Configuration & Installation services of MDM, Bigdata, ETL, Cloud and BI technologies

Architecture & Development Services

We provide Architecture and Development Services of MDM, Bigdata, ETL, Cloud and BI technologies

Upgrade Services

We provide speciality services to upgrade your existing MDM, Bigdata, ETL, Cloud and BI technologies

Support Services

We provide managed and production support services

Training Services

We provide training services to our customer to bring them upto the speed on the delivered work.

Our Deliverables

This type of engagement typically produces:

  • Confirmation of business requirements
  •  Advisory Solution
  • Tool Evaluation Solution
  •  solution design and implementation
  • Comprehensive system documentation
  • Configuration and Administration Solution
  • Support personnel and user training
  • Change and growth management support
  • Training Solution

Our Process

We follow agile methodology and our project run in Sprints: iterative cycles of requirements gathering, analysis, design and development – that are focused on a given subject area. We utilize JiRA and other ticketing tools to manage project releases in an agile way.
We follow lean principles of Scrum to develop project iteratively and present the solution with the use quickly. This helps in getting feedback sooner and any issues reported by the user will be fix quickly.

Our Implementation Team

To plan, build, implement and support Real-Estate Analytics, BDD uses an industry experts and further provide our own proven development methodology, and will function closely with your implementation need. Project teams typically include the following roles and responsibilities:

  • Project Manager
  • Business Analyst
  • Bigdata Architect
  • MDM Developer
  • DBA
  • Java Architect
  • Cloud Architect
  • Bigdata Developer
  • ETL/ESB Architect
  • ETL Developers
  • Java Developer
  • .Net Developer
  • MDM/Java Architect
  • Data Architect
  • Java/MDM Developer
  • MDM Testers
  • .Net Architect

Managed & Advisory


Bigdata lake Beam 360 Starter


MDM Beam 360 Starter