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Real estate has been a game of personal networking and maintaining good will with the would-be customers of houses and shops.  It involves a bit of luck, timing and perfect analysis of realty trends. But in the present times, big data has proved to be a game-changer in such matters as all the entities involved thereby, such as home buyers, sellers, developers, banks, real estate consultants, can easily reckon about transactions involving property.

Big Data scripts a future of better understanding and greater insights for the real-estate industry but then those in real-estate profession also argue if such big data algorithm is smarter enough to replace human wisdom (and craft)? But, since there is a heavier deluge of info flowing from every corner of every major aspect about Big data, and such info is arranged into diverse formats, the measured spell of big data would unlock hidden patterns in such a whirlpool of real estate data and would empower consumers to make smarter decisions in quick time.


You’ve already invested in Real-estate Analytics. Maybe you already have a Real-estate Analytics Solution. To get the full value, you need to get real-time data insight before it lands on disk to help with consumer and investors actionable insights .

Our BEAM 360 Real-estate Analytics solution removes barriers to mainstream hurdles & deliver scalable customer insight architecture for collecting, ingesting, blending, transforming, publishing and distributing data in a centralized repository to publish the golden record. Our solution help consolidate data from various sources like MRIS, realtor, loan, title,  location, assets, part, product, organization, person data and create the golden rule to get the quality record.

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See how Bigdata Analytics is helping Real Estate industry

Our Real Estate Analytics Solution

Simplifying for The Real-Estate Data For Consumers

Zillow and such other companies have sprung onto the forefront, which is a platform to bend premium big data with real estate. In the words of Stan Humphries, chief economist at Zillow,”We have moved from raw data to information and context and finally to real actionable insight”. The company is ever devoted to bring about a thorough transparency about real estate information. He went on to state that his company intends to introduce the analytics products as well.

Analytics is simply the precise amalgamation of raw data and set of codes (algorithm) which would be applicable over that data. There are companies which would re-present a precise information from various sources such as homes available for rent or sale, census info mining, consumer survey outcome, geographical or location wise insights and much more. Zillow, Trulia and Redfin are among such renowned companies which gather their raw data from various individual databanks and assimilate it together to reflect a complete meaning to customers for quicker action. Then, there are tools which would enlighten consumers about the real worth of their property and would also highlight the emerging home-value trends in specific cities or city locations.

Familiarising With Communities

Big data not only sheds significant light upon the emerging property trends to consumers, but general population can simply get educated about the ongoing developments and community aspects in regard to specific areas. For instance, the Hudson Yards project in Manhattan, plans to enlist new units for sale in residential and commercial segment. Besides, such a project can also act like a sophisticated engine to mine big data. Likewise, there is a proposal forwarded by developers union and New York University to install sensors at various places which would monitor moving traffic, record air quality and use of energy and so forth.

Hence, on the back of such information as accumulated hereby, real-estate developers would be in better position to realise as to what localities offer better living and health facilities in addition to energy consumption among other aspects. Further, town planners would emphasize to initiate construction projects in such favourable areas on the basis of such useful information, thus gathered.

Aid To Banks And Investors

Apart from consumers and construction companies, big data resources can also be utilized by banks in a bid to ascertain if a foreclosure or a quick sale is worthwhile, when a such property is being offered for sale.

As always, banks have to act in a smarter manner in order to safeguard their interest and to stay ahead. In the words of Phil Putsejovsky, a real estate investor, ”Banks use big data to ensure they do not sell their properties for one penny less than the market will bear. As an investor, we all but avoid foreclosure and short sales these days, in most cases, because big data has given banks so much insight into value that they now expect to get full value-which removes smart investors from equation.”

Real Estate Agents Acquire Meaningful Roles

Consumers should always be empowered with precise info, when they intend to engage in property sale or purchase. Jim Esposito, from Larderdale Real Estate opines, “As a tool to help your property search, big data sites may be useful”. He went on to state, “however, when you seriously start to focus in on an area or a neighbourhood, you really need a local agent who is plugged into the local Multiple Listing Services to give you reliable information”.

Real-estate agents opine that valuations as an outcome of big data can be of too higher implications and those selling their properties would harbour imaginary expectations about the price of their unit. But, insightful agents report that they could get the buyers pay more money for a home, than they would have paid.

Points For Seeking A Boost

There are present scores of real-estate professionals who heavily rely upon Big Data to remain active in the market but in smarter ways. Glenn Phillips of Lake Homes Realty, says, ”big data lets us know what visitors are doing when looking for real estate online…and we adjust our paid and organic efforts based on this data almost daily”. Such words were basically about the online marketing of his inventory. Further, he again added, “We process data from multiple sources, stripping it down to just the niche we serve. It is this large dataset that allows us to provide true convenience to the buyers and sellers”.

While Phillips asserts that his group is aware about the bigger aspects of ever increasing big data for real estate. With big data, almost the future is getting unfolded for real estate industry since big data determines what is to be revealed about the property units that are put into sale.

So it is big time, when readers should also learn about the ways to leverage big data and rely upon the towering expertise of BigData Dimension for such a purpose.

Our Approach


We can absorb an idea and create an strategic roadmap for Real Estate Analytics. This steps includes


An idea can never come to fruition without research. Be it sifting through the customer requirement and understand the current landscape.


We think sift through various ideas to create the next generation high performance data lake that work best. It helps to materialize the thought process and help in building all-muscled powered solution.


We prototype the idea to bring to life the thoughts, and research.


We identify and optimize the underlying points where enriching Real Estate Analytics initiatives can be implemented.

Bigdata Lake Advisory

An idea can never come to fruition without research. Be it sifting through the customer requirement and understand the current landscape.

Tool Evaluation

We think sift through various ideas to create the next generation high performance data lake that work best. It helps to materialize the thought process and help in building all-muscled powered solution.


We convert abstract ideas into meaningful Real Estate Analytics design by prepping, Ingesting and building metadata repository.
This section includes

Data Prepping

An idea can never come to fruition without research. Be it sifting through the customer requirement and understand the current landscape.

Data Ingestion

We think sift through various ideas to create the next generation high performance data lake that work best. It helps to materialize the thought process and help in building all-muscled powered solution.

Metadata Repository

Build metadata repository to maintain the schema, data profiling and data cleaning process.

Data Traceability

Build data lineage and batch processing to track data lineage.

Change Data Capture (CDC)

Build CDC mechanism to fetch the delta load.


We transform structured and unstructured data sets in Real Estate Analytics. This section includes

Prepare Data

Build standardized structure of common and custom data sets.

Data Profile

Perform data profile process to check anonymity on data.

Data Quality

Perform data cleaning rules to make golden copy of the record.

Data Governance

Perform integrity and security process on data.

Data Masking

Apply data masking and encryption on sensitive data.


Perform data analysis to transform the data into information


We build custom Real Estate Analytics solutions on Hadoop, Hive, Spark & No Sql Databases. This section includes

Publish Data

Provide access to data semantic layer to analyze what has occurred.

Data Consumption

User can test the data from the semantic layer.

Data Visualization

User can visualize the data from the semantic layer.


We ensure proper training, support and administration service is provided. This section includes

Training Solution

Provide customer training

Support Solution

Provide Change and growth management solution


Provide administration and configuration solution.

Our Services

Configuration & Installation Services

We provide Hadoop Configuration & Installation services of MDM, Bigdata, ETL, Cloud and BI technologies.

Architecture & Development Services

We provide Architecture and Development Services of MDM, Bigdata, ETL, Cloud and BI technologies

Upgrade Services

We provide speciality services to upgrade your existing MDM, Bigdata, ETL, Cloud and BI technologies

Support Services

We provide managed and production support services

Training Services

We provide training services to our customer to bring them upto the speed on the delivered work.

Our Deliverables

This type of engagement typically produces:

  • Confirmation of business requirements
  •  Advisory Solution
  • Tool Evaluation Solution
  •  solution design and implementation
  • Comprehensive system documentation
  • Configuration and Administration Solution
  • Support personnel and user training
  • Change and growth management support
  • Training Solution

Our Process

We follow agile methodology and our project run in Sprints: iterative cycles of requirements gathering, analysis, design and development – that are focused on a given subject area. We utilize JiRA and other ticketing tools to manage project releases in an agile way.
We follow lean principles of Scrum to develop project iteratively and present the solution with the use quickly. This helps in getting feedback sooner and any issues reported by the user will be fix quickly.

Our Implementation Team

To plan, build, implement and support Real-Estate Analytics, BDD uses an industry experts and further provide our own proven development methodology, and will function closely with your implementation need. Project teams typically include the following roles and responsibilities:

  • Project Manager
  • Business Analyst
  • Bigdata Architect
  • MDM Developer
  • DBA
  • Cloud Architect
  • Bigdata Developer
  • ETL/ESB Architect
  • ETL Developers
  • MDM/Java Architect
  • Data Architect
  • Java/MDM Developer
  • MDM Testers

Managed & Advisory


Bigdata lake Beam 360 Starter


MDM Beam 360 Starter