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Energy analytics have come of age in recent times and such would continue to dominate the coming years of work as well. Although energy companies respond slowly to change in technology, but the versatility of latest breed of IT, coupled with analytics have cast a positive impact on evolving operational resources. The pioneering enterprises in energy segment emphasise upon detailed info about their consumers and their preferences and inclination in order to customize products, revamp services, to be compliant with regulatory developments and to provide services in the most cost-effective manner.

Sans doubt, but the upcoming decade would witness critical challenges and the rising need for mitigating older utility occupational framework. As such, latest set of energy analytics embody many opportunities by the virtue of which, businesses would usher into newer world of unprecedented business advancement, without any hurdle.


You’ve already invested in Energy Analytics. Maybe you already have a Energy Solution. To get the full value, you need to get real-time data insight before it lands on disk to help develop better energy utilization approach.

Our BEAM 360 Energy Analytics solution removes barriers to mainstream hurdles & deliver scalable customer insight architecture for collecting, ingesting, blending, transforming, publishing and distributing data in a centralized repository to publish the golden record. Our solution help consolidate data from location, assets, part, product, organization, person data and create the golden rule to get the quality record.

Energy Analytics Fact Check

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Let Us Help You – With Your Energy Analytics Needs

Our Energy Analytics Solution

Experts foresee around 10 major utility and energy trends that would guide the functional course of industry and it is therefore necessary that forward-looking companies should brace up for that. Besides, each of such trends would be potential enough to re-invent the utilities and would aid in better decision making and would empower management with numerous options, which would again unleash newer opportunities to capitalize upon. Big data thus comes handy in such regard.

Customer Oriented Efforts

Customers, either high dollar or normal, always want to treated differently and crave for personalized attention to their specific needs. According to Strategy &, energy service providers as well as those extending utilities, would need to harp upon communication channels in order to serve customers better and which can be made possible on the back of cutting-edge analytics.

Customer Analytics

In the coming years, the sophisticated workforce would dwell upon newer means (i.e. analytics) in bid to capture customer demands and wishes in better way and also to detect newer markets and to initiate positive efforts to enhance customer base, within the specific market segment. At this pont, new age analytics, such as customer profiling would aid enterprises to identify the energy usage patterns for target demographics. Certainly, info gained through such measures would prove to be immense assistance in formulating flexible business strategies and in meeting more personalized marketing demands thereby prevailing as the truly customer-centric corporation in real means.

Insightful Data About Operational Measures

There are present abundance of new age software which can be configured with distribution systems and hence such type of big data analytics, which capture visual state and situational awareness solutions, would be the highly sought-after set of analytics, as the energy companies would look to empower operators in aligning distributed energy resources and to revamp their efforts while still riding on older infrastructure.

Distributed Generation Is Vital

Majority of the energy businesses face such a challenge as Distributed Generation (DG), such as DG resources assimilation and blending it into their infrastructure of past years and also to make it streamline with demand changes, in servicing methods and in realising cost recovery. As a positive outcome, DG centric analytics would be instrumental in detecting problems in distribution channels and to flatten any of the service roadblocks.

Energy Storage

In such a case, Battery enabled and thermal energy storage has emerged as the most versatile and viable options which are pretty affordable and customers find them to be hugely useful and such are likely to revamp utilities in the coming decade. Deploying such techniques would call for utilities to optimize storage capacity which would pave way for replenishing energy charging and discharging scenarios. Certainly, as a positive side, analytics have required essentials to enlighten utilities along the modern ways in order to control flow of power in the most revolutionary way.

Demand-Response Programs Register Increase

Distribution system meets with constraints and need is felt to localizing the capacity relief which is located in Demand-Response (DR) programs and is targeted to bring the energy consumption down. Besides, there is a provision for the use of third party aggregators and utilities should seek cooperation from customers for optimizing DR programs to release grid when demand for energy grows higher. But to meet such a scenario, automation would be required in order to effect considerable reductions.

Superior Energy Efficiency (EE)

At this juncture, the American Council for an Energy-Efficient Economy comes into play, which contents that the Energy Efficiency (EE) would continue to dominate the market in the upcoming years as well, it had done like before. It is also acclaimed that by the virtue of Energy Efficiency (EE), even the menace of Carbon emission would be controlled and end-energy consumption would be liquidated.

Home Automation

Prominent companies such as Comcast and Vivint have hugely been favoured by the domestic consumers and such are hailed to bypass the utilities in such processes, thanks to big data dynamics being implemented. Home automation can significantly reduce energy consumption in residences and by casting a glance over the available deluge of big data, one can be enlightened about it.

Residential Time Of Use (TOU) Rates

In view of SmartGridToday, In the coming decade, utilities are likely to promulgate consumers onto TOU rates, which would bring about a tectonic shift in the usage patterns with emerging demand for customer analytics framework in order to get the users know how much have they used, during specific time frame.

Reduction In Carbon

It is vividly highlighted in one of the articles of Utility Drive’s that formulated carbon rules would change the nation’s fuel mix for generating electricity. Scores of utilities are already found to be struggling with their proposed emission goals from their state and hence extra regulations from federal government would simply embolden such a challenge.

In precise words, the energy and the utility industry simply face scores of challenges but still, the need of time is to prepare a course which would prevail to be immensely beneficial to not only the consumers but also to the companies. Energy analytics are useful to facilitate such a transition in a controlled and in a more dynamic manner.

Conclusion: Big Data Analytics Is The Key:

Hence it is pretty clear that in case of real-estate as well, big data and the applicable big data analytics would call the shots as consumers as well as the developers would be in a far better position to gauge the trends and to locate the most specific site for their dream home or ideal project to be constructed at, after knowing all about the surroundings, regulations and demand trends in addition to other vital factors as are factored above.

Our Approach


We can absorb an idea and create an strategic roadmap for Energy Analytics. This steps includes


An idea can never come to fruition without research. Be it sifting through the customer requirement and understand the current landscape.


We think sift through various ideas to create the next generation high performance data lake that work best. It helps to materialize the thought process and help in building all-muscled powered solution.


We prototype the idea to bring to life the thoughts, and research.


We identify and optimize the underlying points where enriching Energy Analytics initiatives can be implemented.

Bigdata Lake Advisory

An idea can never come to fruition without research. Be it sifting through the customer requirement and understand the current landscape.

Tool Evaluation

We think sift through various ideas to create the next generation high performance data lake that work best. It helps to materialize the thought process and help in building all-muscled powered solution.


We convert abstract ideas into meaningful Energy Analytics design by prepping, Ingesting and building metadata repository.
This section includes

Data Prepping

An idea can never come to fruition without research. Be it sifting through the customer requirement and understand the current landscape.

Data Ingestion

We think sift through various ideas to create the next generation high performance data lake that work best. It helps to materialize the thought process and help in building all-muscled powered solution.

Metadata Repository

Build metadata repository to maintain the schema, data profiling and data cleaning process.

Data Traceability

Build data lineage and batch processing to track data lineage.

Change Data Capture (CDC)

Build CDC mechanism to fetch the delta load.


We transform structured and unstructured data sets in Energy Analytics. This section includes

Prepare Data

Build standardized structure of common and custom data sets.

Data Profile

Perform data profile process to check anonymity on data.

Data Quality

Perform data cleaning rules to make golden copy of the record.

Data Governance

Perform integrity and security process on data.

Data Masking

Apply data masking and encryption on sensitive data.


Perform data analysis to transform the data into information


We build custom solutions on Bigdata, MDM, Talend, Cloud, Data Warehouse, BI and application development. This section includes

Publish Data

Provide access to data semantic layer to analyze what has occurred.

Data Consumption

User can test the data from the semantic layer.

Data Visualization

User can visualize the data from the semantic layer.


We ensure proper training, support and administration service is provided. This section includes

Training Solution

Provide customer training

Support Solution

Provide Change and growth management solution


Provide administration and configuration solution.

Our Deliverables

This type of engagement typically produces:

  • Confirmation of business requirements
  • Bigdata Lake Advisory Solution
  • Tool Evaluation Solution
  • Bigdata Data Lake solution design and implementation
  • Comprehensive Bigdata Lake system documentation
  • Configuration and Administration Solution
  • Support personnel and user training
  • Change and growth management support
  • Training Solution

Our Process

We follow agile methodology and our project run in Sprints: iterative cycles of requirements gathering, analysis, design and development – that are focused on a given subject area. We utilize JiRA and other ticketing tools to manage project releases in an agile way.
We follow lean principles of Scrum to develop project iteratively and present the solution with the use quickly. This helps in getting feedback sooner and any issues reported by the user will be fix quickly.

Our Implementation Team

To plan, build, implement and support MDM solution, BDD uses an expert team of MDM experts with specialty expertise on MDM project implementation. We further provide our own proven development methodology, and will function closely with your implementation need. Project teams typically include the following roles and responsibilities:

  • Project Manager
  • Business Analyst
  • MDM/Java Architect
  • Data Architect
  • Java/MDM Developer
  • MDM Developer
  • ETL Developers
  • MDM Testers
  • DBA

Managed & Advisory


Bigdata lake Beam 360 Starter


MDM Beam 360 Starter